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First Birthday/ 1 Year-old Gift Ideas

If you're looking for birthday or just some gift ideas for a 12-18 month old... I've got you covered with the ultimate guide!

When Charlotte turned 1, I made a list of gift ideas to send to my friends and family so they would have some ideas of toys and gifts that would not only be fun for her, but also be developmentally enriching and that she would play with for more than 10 seconds (ha!). I wanted toys that would have longevity and I'm happy to say that I feel like the list has stood the test of time. Charlotte is now 16 months old and still LOVING and playing with all of the gifts she received!

So... Let's get to the goods! Here is my ultimate gift guide for a new 1 year old:

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6. Squigz: Squigz, Whirly Squigz

7. Busy Book: Book,

8. Cause and Effect Toys: Spin Again, Hammer Toy, Ball run

9. Simple Puzzle: Shapes, Farm

Water Table: Water Table

Lovevery Playkits: Discover Playkits

I hope you find this list helpful to guide you and your loved ones with some ideas of what to give your babe for their first birthday, and beyond!



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