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2-year-old gift and toy ideas

I can't believe my little girl will be 2 years old this month! This second year has flown by even faster than the first, and although it makes me a little sad that my first baby is getting older, nothing can replace the joy I feel when I see her learning and growing into a little person everyday.

I think the best part of this age is how much she is talking and trying to say! I love it when she tries to tell me things, her little voice and the way she says certain words... I never want to forget how she sounds right now because I know all too soon she will be saying her words correctly and I'll never here the adorable mispronunciations again. So, I have been trying to take lots of videos of her saying things so that I can always hear that sweet little voice. I made a video on Instagram not too long ago with her saying some words that I think are hilarious and cute, I'll share it here!

Anyyyyway, back to why you're really reading this... for the toys and gift ideas! Two years old is a really fun age and I have compiled a list of toys and gift ideas that will surely be a hit with any 2 year old. It's perfect for birthdays or whatever occasion you are looking to give a 2 year old something special.

In addition to or in lieu of tangible gifts, you could also consider asking for gifts that will help you make memories with your little one such as memberships to the zoo, museums, etc.

I hope this list is helpful for you!



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